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Naturtex Deluxe RE:DOWN Collection Down Comforter

  • $135.17
  • $329.99

For the first time in the United States, Naturtex introduces RE:DOWN Recycled Down Comforters.  Why not sleep peacefully knowing that your immediate comfort is directly tied to loving the planet?


  • RE:DOWN has the same performance as virgin down. Same thermal function and same durability.
  • Washed and sterilized to “super clean” and hypoallergenic standard.
  • Traceable from the post consumer goods till the new finished products. GRS certified.

In Europe alone, it is estimated annually that there is 7.5 million tons of textile waist.  At Naturtex we aim to repurpose the useful down clusters that would otherwise end up in a landfill. We collect down and feathers from post consumer goods across Europe and we extract the filling contents. Down and feathers are reprocessed, cleaned and sterilized so that they can be re-used as filling material in new pillows and comforters.

Our target: zero waste
Next to the recycling of down and feathers, we do our best to regenerate the other components of the used products collected. For example, the fabric shells are prepared to be recycled into industrial insulation. Even our own down and feathers waste is changed into an efficient organic fertilizer.