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Re:Down By Naturtex

Goose Down is an extremely durable fill material and with proper care the down clusters can last decades.  However, because this fact is misunderstood, there are millions of tons of down wasted and thrown into landfills each year because it is deemed old, dirty or used.  Naturtex saw an opportunity in Europe to recover, restore and sanitize these down clusters to industry standards in their state of the art down processing facility in Szeged Hungary.  The Re:Down product meets the stringent standards of Nomite, IDFL, Downafresh and the GRS (Global Recycled Standard).  Re:down is recycled down, sanitized with crystal clear thermal spring water and processed with 70% renewable energy sources.

The NOMITE® mark indicates, that all our products are highly recommended for those with allergies.

Re:Down allows you to indulge in luxurious down pillows and comforters while supporting an initiative that keeps this precious resource out of landfills and used purposely for decades to come!
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