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Budapest White Hungarian Goose Down Collection by Naturtex

The Budapest Collection by Naturtex offers our buyers the most premium of Down Pillow and Comforter experiences.  Our Goose Down is hand-selected, authentic and traceable.  Our Hungarian goose down is also stringently audited by several internationally recognized down testing labs so you can be certain that the down pillow or comforter that you receive is the real deal (not duck down or some unethically sourced down and feather from China)

If you are frustrated while shopping for down products online because you can't seem to figure out what is actually 'Inside' the pillow or comforter, let us put your minds at ease. When you buy from Naturtex, you are getting premium Hungarian Goose product with zero ambiguity.  More than that, you are buying a premium authentic down product that has been processed by a state-of-the-art facility that uses crystal clear thermal water springs and solar energy.  Currently our facilities run on 70% renewable energy sources!

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